Our Story

Pura Wines was founded by business partners Eduardo Varas and Cindy Yang. Living in Texas, Eduardo saw a lot of mass-produced wines from his native country of Chile, but didn’t feel that those wines represented the high quality wines he was used to drinking back home. Thus began his mission to bring the highest quality estate-bottled wines from South America to the United States.


Today, Pura Wines’ diverse portfolio contains wines ranging from various valleys of Chile, including the Pacific coastal regions, known for wines with natural acidity and minerality, to the Central Valley of Chile, and across the foothills of the Andes mountain range which gives South American wines great character and structure.


Beyond wine importation/distribution, Pura Wines differentiates their brands and products with extensive knowledge of the wine growing region, vineyard history, as well as food & wine pairing. We strive to educate our partners through wine consultation and customer engagement. We work closely with all the vineyards in our portfolio to bring you the most unique wines from South America.